If you don't know what kind of dolls will fit you, or you are tired of checking our products one by one to find the perfect doll you want. Here I suggest you can follow below steps to build the dream doll you want.

First, select the body you like the best. We have dolls with big boobs, small boobs or even flat chest. Also we have dolls with slim wasit, huge ass and so on. Here we summarize all body types from each doll brand. Here we show you how the body looks like, also the body measurments listed for your informaiton.

Second, select the head to match the doll body you choose. Here you should only choose the heads to match the body under one brand, which means if you choose a doll body under A brand, you can only choose a head under A brand instead of other brands. Although the connections between heads and bodies are always the same among these doll brands, still there may be a bit color difference on the skin color.

Third, tell me your customized options. Each brand has different options available to choose. Below are the standard options for most brands that you can choose.

-feet type (standing feet or non-standing feet)
-vagina type (removable insert vagina or fixed vagina)

For other options, please email me at jessicazhu59@hotmail.com.