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Why purchase from Inlovedoll?

Our focus is silicone dolls which are more realistic and durable than most dolls (made in TPE) from the market. Here you can find wide range of realistic silicone sex dolls with affordable prices and high quality. We have partnered many manufacturers in China to bring you the best silicone dolls, we are your best choice. Please take your time to look at our collections, choose your dream doll. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will help you finding the one for you. Also, at Inlovedoll, you can customize a real doll as per your choice. You can select the body type, skin color, eye color, nail color, hairstyle, etc. You can make your choice between the fixed or removable vagina, standing feet or non-standing feet and so much more.

All dolls are thoroughly inspected and tested before shipment. We will offer photos or video to you. With your confirmation, we will pack. Don’t worry, we concern about your privacy, your dream doll will come with discreet packing. Neither labeling nor our company’s name will be on the plain brown box. We arrange shipping and to provide you with tracking information. For most shipping countries, you don’t have to stress about those customs duties and taxes, we will take care of that.

Green Light on the URL means our online store is SSL verified. This security feature is used by some of the largest sites such as Facebook and Google, so you could be assured of the integrity of your personal details and security of your payments.

About Inlovedoll

What is your dream doll? Inlovedoll was created to help you find out the perfect doll you long for, and so much more. Founded by Jessica in 2019, our shop has both online and retail showroom space where we offer a wide variety of dolls for any budget, and other accessories to enhance your sex experience. Please browse our dolls to inspire and impress.

My name is Jessica. In 2019, I started brand Inlovedoll with my partner Abby. Abby has been worked with so many doll brands such as WMdoll, JMdoll, YLdoll, 6YE, Piper and so on. She has been in the doll industry for more than 5 years. And she takes cases of doll customization for so many customers, from mold building to finished product, you can feel Abby’s professionalism and reliability. She is easy going and good to communicate. And me, I have been worked for one famous doll brand since I graduated. My job was to check if dolls are qualified, how dolls shipped and safely arrived in customers’ places. And now I am here for inlovedoll with Abby. We know each other for more than 10 years, we must be the perfect team to offer you the best purchasing service.

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